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Test Hub was a companion web app originally built to be used by Stadia game developers to monitor, emulate, capture, and debug their games in the cloud. I owned and led design strategy for the future of Test Hub in support of Stadia's B2B pivot — playing a critical role in scoping and prototyping a transformative feature set, while modernizing the product as Google's Material Design 3 guidelines were emerging. Test Hub Next's vision was highly praised by key stakeholders but was, unfortunately, sunset alongside Stadia in September 2022.

What they say

What they say

Allan est une excellente ressource externe dans son domaine ! C'est un collaborateur efficace, enthousiaste et très impliqué dans ses projets. C'est un plaisir et une réelle opportunité de pouvoir compter sur ses services dans le cadre de nos développements. Je recommande !!

Blaise Cavalli

CEO @Nyctale

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